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Replicating in-person workshops online, without tears

July 19, 2021
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In a perfect world, every stakeholder would seek out and attend your community’s open house or workshop. As we’ve all come to find, most people won’t participate in person.

Discomfort with large crowds is on the rise once more, and the expectation of being able to contribute from home has already taken root after online options were presented during lockdowns.

Using the same materials and presentation online as in-person to mirror the experience.
Workshop Images Courtesy of Opticos Design, Inc www.opticosdesign.com

With increasing citizen expectations, can hybrid events be created without much additional effort?

Before the pandemic, Konveio was sought after for its ability to easily mirror in-person activities for greater reach with existing planning materials, capturing specific and constructive feedback that’s easy to make use of.

Given that each project and process is unique, Konveio offers flexible building blocks to quickly replicate everything from intros to sign-up sheets and presentation boards online. Templates help to create custom-branded agenda pages that accompany and replicate the flow of your meeting without code or the need to be a seasoned web designer. And instead of collecting feedback via sticky notes and dot voting, stakeholders can visit a project website to navigate through materials, write comments, make replies, and vote using discussions or embedded forms online.

Here we’ll explore three unique project websites that replicated in-person events using Konveio.

The following examples demonstrate how simple it can be to add a hybrid component to your workshops or meetings which extends an equal opportunity to learn and participate for those that weren’t able, aware, or interested enough to attend on that day and at that time.  

Denver, Colorado

While open houses offered attendees an opportunity to weigh in on key issues like affordability, how to get around, growth and quality of life in the planning area, neighbors who missed their workshop needed a way to participate.

The City needed a way to easily share the poster boards from the in-person events for others to review the materials online and share their thoughts through online surveys and comments.

The Project Site helped the City of Denver in a few key ways:

  • Landing pages for each event helped provide background info, presentations and a video recording of the meeting
  • Poster boards from the meetings were shared as PDFs, with the ability to post comments in areas where in-person participants added feedback using sticky notes.
  • Images of the meeting results were included on the digital poster boards to provide transparency and offer inspiration.
  • Key Feature: Embedded surveys replicated dot voting exercises used in the meetings to gather priorities.

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Konveio allowed residents at home to have equal access to every learning material and the same ability to comment on materials and participate in dot voting exercises.

Workshop Images Courtesy of Opticos Design, Inc www.opticosdesign.com

Lead consulting firm, Opticos, mirrored their in-person agenda and process online using a Konveio Project Site. The content was tweaked for scannability, and they provided residents the ability to intuitively navigate based on their interests, as they would in an open house.

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Denver Moves used a phased engagement process with different activities online versus in-person. Their project website allowed them to capture specific insights on drafted designs from a wider range of stakeholders in each area at a speed that they could not have achieved if relying solely upon in-person workshops. This helped them to progress rapidly between in-person workshops and reduced overall staff time and resources required to meet their ambitious targets.

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Thank you for taking a moment to view a few examples of Konveio in use!

Click here to learn more about how Konveio can be used to compliment real-time meetings.  

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