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Why you'll love Konveio

Supports the full lifecycle of any planning project, from stakeholder meetings and hybrid workshops through draft review, adoption, and implementation tracking.

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Inform with dynamic documents

Nobody reads long, static documents

Turn existing documents into an intuitive, reader-friendly experience that meets your readers’ natural tendency to skim first and dive deeper where interested.
Get your message across: Equip visitors to navigate long documents and discover your key points and insights.
Keep it orderly: Place resources like videos and maps right where they belong along the learning journey, creating one connected experience.
Be interactive: Chat with an AI Assistant to locate key points and insights from long plans.
Simplify complex language: Automagically add clarity to each page by defining jargon and acronyms.
Reduce questions: Set the stage and present a guided experience to cut down on questions via phone or email.
Single source of truth: Update versions without sharing new links or attachments; add clarifications and track progress on existing documents.
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Efficient comment analysis Workflows and reporting

Eliminate staff time spent on busywork like copying or transcribing comments.
Get your message across: Equip visitors to navigate long documents and discover your key points and insights.
Auto-Tagging: Get a significant head start on analysis by allowing AI to tag all comments for your staff to review, modify, and report on.
Identify Cross-Cutting themes: Auto-theming leverages comment tagging and generative AI¬†to summarize the feedback you received, topic by topic.¬†As shown ūüĎČ
Easy to understand: View and respond to concise comments on your materials, or peruse a list of all comments where you can search, sort, filter, tag, and moderate.
Internal workflows: Assign comments to specific project team members to review, implement, and resolve.
Reports, ready to share: Generate custom reports with a simple click for weekly updates or comprehensive recaps to clients and decision-makers.
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Designed with you in mind

Key Challenges Konveio Solves

From private stakeholder groups to large public consultations, Konveio saves staff time, elevates the participant experience, and enhances meeting materials.

Hard-to-manage feedback & time-intensive analysis

Spending staff time tracking down what comments relate to, categorizing, transcribing, and merging duplicates? 

Skip to the good part and make progress quickly with easy-to-understand insights available anytime. Generate reports with one click. Tag comments on the backend or write official replies for everyone to see. Or let our new AI integration do the work for you.

Makeshift process with off-the-shelf tools

Making do with what’s on hand creates problems later down the line.

Email threads, attachments, contact forms, phone calls, Google Docs, Microsoft teams, surveys, and the likes are great because they are free, but all cause headaches that Konveio cures.

Poor user experience for one group or the other

Generally speaking, the easier you make it for participants to provide their feedback, the harder it can be for project teams to later structure and make good use of the data. The opposite also holds true. (i.e. Requiring rigid comment forms to be downloaded, filled out, and submitted with page and line numbers  leads to lower participation and involvement.)

Clients often report that Konveio strikes a perfect balance between ease of use for staff and ease of use for stakeholders.

Feedback that's all over the place

Are you receiving lengthy, uninformed, redundant, or low-quality feedback that is not related to the materials presented in your plan? 

Stay in control of the conversation, capture relevant comments in the context of your materials, and then analyze, respond-to, and generate reports from one place.

Neither the staff time nor resources

You have great ideas, but not the right combination of staff time and resources to make them a reality.

Konveio is the most pragmatic solution on the market and scales up to meet your needs.

Too challenging for stakeholders to understand

Complex policies and plans tend to be too overwhelming for most stakeholders to approach, yet they still require awareness and buy-in from all sides to become reality. 

Participants comment before reading

You post a document for participants to read and ask for feedback via email. Instead of specific feedback regarding your draft, you get vague comments that should have been voiced early on in the process - sound familiar? 

Konveio encourages users to read first before commenting and taking other participants' views into consideration. Feedback collected this way is more productive and actionable than any other format.

Document Engagement benefits

Transform your work

We designed Konveio to be the most advanced, simple to launch, and reader-friendly platform for presenting planning documents and facilitating informed and productive feedback within the context of your materials.
Reduce Redundant Questions
Context-rich comments placed directly in PDFs can be made visible to other visitors. Save yourself and your participants time by avoiding repetitive comments.
Save Staff Time
Simple to launch, simple to enrich, simple to analyze, and generate reports - more time for the things you love about your job.
Rapid Iteration
Stop waiting around for web teams to help you make simple updates. Konveio is easy for any staff member to use at any time.
Accessibility Compliance Testing
Automated PDF compliance testing via CommonLook (WCAG2.1).
Track Progress & Implementation
Present a living document with embedded updates; show progress and close the feedback loop.
Seamless Experience
Share a link to your branded URL, or embed Konveio's document viewer to other websites for a seamless experience.
Translation Experiences
Separately translated documents may be added as one connected experience. Konveio's interface supports Spanish, French, and German. Google translate can be enabled site wide.
Replicate In-Person Activities
Mirror your process in person and online through Konveio to bring more perspectives to the table and create more touchpoints between stakeholders.
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everything in one place

Transform your work

Maintain Existing Drafting Workflows

Present a rich, interactive, and reader friendly experience using documents you already create instead of building expensive and hard to maintain websites.

Close the loop

Provide official responses and share resolutions as replies.

Grows with the flow

Konveio documents can be as simple to set up as uploading a photo to the internet, and it can grow with your needs to become a fully-fledged project hub.

Embed Konveio to other websites

Allow your visitors to enjoy the full power of Konveio from your official website, including the option to view in full screen.

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