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Anatomy of Konveio through the lens of real-world projects

July 19, 2021
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With 2021 coming to a close, we wanted to share a few of the ways Konveio has been used to help navigate important community discussions this year.

We’re extremely proud of the projects we’ve supported this year including climate action plans in San Diego and West Hollywood; cyclist-friendly transportation plans like Denver Moves and for Arlington, TX; housing plans for San Francisco, Sacramento, and Teton County; and award-winning master plans like Richmond 300.

Supporting community change is what drives us to work each morning and we couldn't be more excited to hear what you have in the works for 2022.

Arlington, Virginia

Document-focused engagement.


Over the years Arlington, Virginia has hosted consultations of all shapes, sizes, and genres through Konveio. They’ve kept their site simple to suit every topic.

Their promotion strategy has been to direct residents to specific project pages, and to use our standard homepage to feature current opportunities for feedback.  

View another example.

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Moreton Bay Regional Council


Without content overlays, Moreton Bay would have shared 12 additional links or attachments to gather informed feedback on their skatepark designs. (To skateboard enthusiasts, 12 resources would have been seen as a homework assignment.)

Content overlay’s add interactivity and simplify the participant learning experience by letting your document curate additional resources.

Presenting resources where and when they are most relevant lowers the barrier to participation and allows participants to focus on one topic at a time, based on their interests. (Case Study)

Learn about commenting on documents.

Teton County, Wyoming

Hybrid Workshop Site.


Northern South Park is a neighborhood located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Earlier this year the team presented a hybrid engagement to navigate discussions around the development of affordable housing.

The page itself features our workshop page template. The same video overview was presented during their in-person workshop at a local high school, and the document stations featured below were also mirrored in person.

To learn more about this project and the team’s approach to hybrid engagement, read a wonderful recap by Jackson Hole News and Guide.

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Participants on the Northern South Park plan have access to every material presented during the in-person workshop and may explore them in full-screen.

The option to view and participate in full screen enhances accessibility and improves architectural renderings, maps, and anything technical in nature.

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San Francisco Housing Plan

Forms, Discussions, and excellent page design.


Forms allow you to create almost anything from surveys to demographic questions.

Forms may be placed directly into a document as a content overlay, or on a web page using our page builder.

In the case of the San Francisco Planning Department’s Housing Plan, they used a form to obtain demographic insights.

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Discussions provide the ability to guide conversations and gather qualitative and quantitative insights around particular statements, prompts, or questions. Think of it as a comment forum designed for community and stakeholder engagement.

For quantitative insights, each comment will make their selection on a likert scale and can use thumbs up or thumbs down to agree/disagree with the statements of others. San Francisco used discussions


Adhering to the 80/20 rule is a great way to keep your consultation approachable and engaging. By presenting just enough information to deliver a general sense of a topic, participants can move at their own pace according to what interests them the most. By expanding a topic, they may dive deeper into the details and form more informed opinions to share on the discussion tool.

For each topic on the page, San Francisco provided access to detailed background information and hard data. They also linked to their sources and provided help text using interactive question marks which open when a cursor hovers over the icon as they read.

Baltimore Together

Private workspace for staff workgroup


Although Baltimore Together’s site is centered around public engagement, they have also used it for staff comments. Click here for an example of a private workspace on our demo site.

Baltimore Together’s vision is to “show the world how to create an urban economy that is based on diversity, inclusion, and resiliency and uplifts historically excluded Baltimoreans, while attracting investment, businesses, and people committed to contributing to an equitable economy.”

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