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Konveio helps you get your message across by making documents dynamic, facilitating constructive feedback, and streamlining reporting workflows.

Why Konveio?

Empowering Community Builders

Over 100+ teams rely on Konveio across three continents.

Dynamic Plans

Turn long plan documents into intuitive, mobile-friendly experiences that make it easy to traverse different levels of detail.

Public Comment

Simplify the process of collecting and managing feedback on your materials.

AI Search

Unlock key points and insights from your plans & documents in seconds by asking questions.

Stakeholder Workspaces

Bring work groups or committees together in one shared space for productive collaboration.

Draft Reviews

Collect feedback on your draft documents from stakeholders, team members and beyond.

Presentation Boards

Offer hybrid engagement options by easily replicating your in-person processes.

Public Comment

Simplify the process of collecting and managing feedback on your materials.

Interactive Documents

Publish your plans, reports and trainings as visual, fun-to-explore experiences.
Document Engagement

The Only Engagement Platform for Documents

Community builders often have to rely on PDFs as their primary way of sharing information, which tend to be hard-to-understand, tedious to navigate, and inept at facilitating feedback.
Why Konveio?
Easy to use for planning teams and stakeholders.
Accept comments on existing materials.
Smart privacy, visibility, and participation settings.
Mobile-friendly, WCAG compliant, and screen-reader accessible.
Supports translated documents and offers user interfaces for Spanish, French, German, and Google Translate.
Extract insights quickly. Export your data to CSV or download annotated PDF reports.
Dynamic Documents

Intuitive Reading Experience

Elevate existing materials to better inform stakeholders, improve outcomes, foster trust, and create buy-in.
No more juggling between 8 different tools
Draft, schedule and send mails with a single software
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Present Summaries
Visitors can explore your documents at-a-glance by scrolling down your interactive summary and dive deeper into the details from there.
Add Interactive Media
Bring plans to life with interactive resources, like ArcGIS maps, Youtube & more, right where they belong in the learning journey.
Define Jargon
Upload a list of defined terms and let Konveio automatically display help text where it applies.
Optimize for Every Device
View documents in full-screen from any device, and access reader-friendly mode on mobile to avoid sideways scrolling.
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Docuement Engagement clients

Winning Platform with many users

We ❤️ Local Gov

Konveio supports community builders

We empower Local Governments to better connect with their stakeholders, which starts with early stage outreach, ongoing participation, and supports plans through their implementation stages. 
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We ❤️ Consultants

Konveio supports every project

We understand the unique needs of planning projects and support consultants with flexible plans that fit into tight budgets or requirements for tailored platforms that support specific client or project needs.
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We ❤️ Standards Development Organizations

Konveio supports standards

We support SDOs facilitating Consensus-Based Processes during all stages of the standards development process, whether that’s for ANSI certification or others.
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We ❤️ higher education & K-12

Konveio supports education

We work with colleges, universities and school districts to support their community outreach, with projects ranging from facility master plans, to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategies, and redistricting.
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We ❤️ State Agencies

Konveio supports policy makers

We empower agencies to better connect with their stakeholders, facilitate work groups or draft policy and legislation, which starts with early stage collaboration and supports plans through their implementation stages.
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proven success

Don't take our word for it.

Konveio has largely grown by word-of-mouth & we are driven to make an impact for your organization.
Public Engagement
“Konveio is an effective tool that allowed the community to touch and feel the proposed plans, allowing Council to gather specific community feedback around key issues, functions, and design considerations.”
Denise Francisco
Capire Associates
External Stakeholder engagement
“Konveio fit the bill perfectly – it was easy for our staff to set up, intuitive for our constituents to engage with, and straightforward for our staff to collate and respond to the feedback we received.”
Krista Egger
Project Manager, Enterprise Community Partners
Design Review
“Konveio helped us to deliver interactivity and a variety of ways for participants to get involved. And for us, it was as close as we could get to an actual face-to-face consultation.”
Hannah Myers
Outdoor Recreation Officer, Moreton Bay, Australia
Workgroup Facilitation
“We get less from live discussions than we do with Konveio. Konveio requires stakeholders to read through and then provide constructive comments rather than just knee-jerking at a meeting.”
Carol Richardson
Principle, Plangineering LLC
Dynamic Plan
“Konveio enabled us to find the sweet spot between not enough information and information overload.”
Jonathan Whitehurst, AICP
Senior Planner @ Kimley-Horn
Stakeholder Engagement
"Konveio removes around 90% of the work required to report on a traditional in-person workshops"
Jessica B.
Associate Planner, City of Lacey, WA
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