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Zoom differently. Make the most of virtual public meetings through Konveio.

July 19, 2021
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From day one,

Konveio has equiped organizations to recreate in-person activities for both real-time or “free-time” engagement.

Nearly halfway through 2021, communities across the globe are finding that virtual meetings will be a part of their “new normal” following the pandemic. ELGL led a large survey on precisely the same topic and released their findings this month, revealing that over 50% of the 500+ city leaders surveyed in the U.S. believe the switch to virtual meetings will be permanent following the pandemic. Additionally, 47% believed that residents want expanded collaboration and input opportunities and 58% believed that residents expect more transparency than before the pandemic.

Following a brief product update, we’ll explore three approaches to incorporate Konveio into virtual meetings, and address how it helps to meet rising expectations for transparency as well as collaboration and input.

Enabling real-time collaboration

We’ve released an enhancement to enable almost real-time collaboration on Konveio. Now, every recently submitted comment will appear for everyone to view automatically.

This helps to facilitate live activities during web meetings like sticky note exercises, question and answer sessions, dot voting, and commenting in all forms.

Comments loading in real time

Incorporating Konveio strategically


Encouraging online meeting participants to follow along in Konveio leaves you poised to facilitate a variety of activities and spark meaningful interaction with your presentation or poster boards. Compared with static documents screen-shared over Zoom, the same documents hosted on Konveio effortlessly create a more interactive, collaborative, and transparent process.

Facilitating online interactivity with large groups is difficult to manage, especially with Zoom’s limited tools, or if it requires participants to open multiple tabs to single-purpose platforms. Konveio keeps your materials front and center while providing a variety of ways to collaborate and interact.

Reporting is a breeze as there is nothing for you to transcribe and all of the data from activities is either visible on the page for everyone to see, or available to quickly export on the backend.


By leaving your document open for interaction following a virtual meeting, you’ll equip stakeholders who were unable to attend with an outlet to view what took place during the meeting and contribute to the conversation—all with Konveio’s innate benefit of creating discussions that are more relevant and in-context.

Your meeting recording can even be embedded directly into Konveio for them to follow along. With Youtube, you can copy the URL at certain timestamps to provide quick access to the portion of the video relevant to a given page. Another benefit is that participants from the live meeting have a space to return to the conversation as new ideas arise.


Konveio is fully equipped to get your participants up to speed in advance to host more informed and productive real-time interactions. With a combination of guided tours and overlays like videos and text-based background information or agenda preview, you’ll start your next virtual meeting with more people ready to discuss the important topics. To cut down on repeat questions and foster mutual understanding, participants could be encouraged to ask questions through Konveio in advance for you to then answer within the document or at the start of the meeting.


  • Share the link to Konveio using Zoom’s chat feature.
  • Disable the registration requirement for large public gatherings to allow everyone to participate with just their name and email.
  • Provide adequate time for participants to think and then respond. Silence is powerful and can allow for more thoughtful interactions. In a way, patience is also a form of accessibility.
  • For accessibility, assign a team member to accept comments from the chat or a text messaging line, and place their comments into Konveio for them.
  • Combine your presentation board with your long-form planning document on Konveio to create one space and link to learn and discuss the topic before, during, or after. Alternatively, you may link from one document to another directly within Konveio.  
  • Click the full-screen icon in Konveio to enlarge the viewer for participants viewing your screen share.
  • Add meeting information within the document itself, such as the agenda and information required for them to create a calendar entry for themselves including the meeting link.

To discuss your next live meeting and how to make the most of it, schedule some time with our CEO Chris Haller.


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