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There has to be a better document

PDFs still serve as the foundation for countless government and organizational processes. Yet they're an incredibly limiting file format for Public Information and Stakeholder Engagement purposes, and nothing has changed in decades.

That’s why we launched Konveio: To equip community leaders to make the absolute most of them - without having to alter how their organization works! 
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Konveio's mission is to help community builders get informed buy-in for their efforts to create a better tomorrow.

Since its inception in 2020, Konveio has helped community leaders to get buy-in from internal and external stakeholders to drive projects from kick-off through revision, approval, and implementation.

Konveio builds upon the most commonly used content formats to support the engagement activities planners use throughout their work.

We grew out of Urban Interactive Studio, one of the earliest providers of civic engagement software (Web2.0 and Google Maps mashups, anyone?).

Our founder Chris Haller has been a civic tech pioneer since the early 2000s and our software has supported public information efforts across the United States, Canada, and Australia, from major metropolitan areas to local neighborhoods, higher education, special districts, and nonprofits.
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At Konveio, our values influence every decision we make.
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Document engagement is the missing link between public information and stakeholder involvement.

When information sharing and feedback mechanisms are disconnected, results suffer. Does this sound familiar?  "Watch this recorded meeting, then download these documents, scroll & scroll, read our guiding questions, and then email us your comments." It's a homework assignment that very few constituents follow through with and a pain to analyze.

We put documents first and prioritize project teams: Don't get us wrong, we are all about providing an intuitive experience for stakeholders to learn and participate. However, we believe that administrators should have an equally easy time adding documents, managing comments, and creating reports so they can spend more time on the meaningful tasks that they are passionate about.
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