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Ai-Assisted Analytics & Reporting

Extract insights quickly

Eliminate busy work and start identifying actionable insights from your community in real-time. Now with automatic tagging and theming powered by AI.


Configurable reports, ready to share

Export your data to CSV or download annotated PDF reports to share the feedback with decision-makers and the public. Theme reports may be exported to Microsoft Word.
No more juggling between 8 different tools
Draft, schedule and send mails with a single software
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More on Analytics

There is a fundamental difference between analyzing comments collected on Konveio versus more traditional means of collecting comments.

Rather than long-winded emails, form submissions, or handwritten notes, the dataset is full of concise comments placed across your document from the same author.

Manual Comment Tagging

Using the Tag feature on the Comment tab, you can categorize comments along themes that you and your team find useful. Those tags can later be used to filter comments and run reports.

Filter and Sort

Explore data in powerful ways.
Filter by: author name, keyword, tag, comment-type, sentiment, published/unpublished status, and even which document the comment was made on assuming multiple documents were uploaded to the same instance/url.

Sort by: date, author, page number, or comment ID.

Note: Similarly powerful controls are available within the document viewer as well. You can then explore comments in their context easily to collate slightly more informal insights.

Perform Bulk Updates

Select multiple comments in a batch to publish, un-publish, manually tag, or update tags using AI.

Never Copy or Transcribe Comments Again

Stop transcribing or copying notes from various places like email, contact forms, and sticky notes again.

Spend less staff time on busy work and spend more time on the parts of your job your team enjoys. Or just work less and live more?

Moderation Controls

Easily un-publish, remove, or publish comments from the comment list.

Daily or Instant Comment Notification Reports

Admins can obtain daily digest emails containing all comments submitted to their site, or instantly everytime a new comment is made.

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Konveio has largely grown by word-of-mouth & we are driven to make an impact for your organization.
Public Engagement - Climate Action
"Konveio removes around 90% of the work required to report on a traditional in-person workshops"
Jessica B.
Associate Planner, City of Lacey, WA
External Stakeholder engagement
‚ÄúKonveio fit the bill perfectly ‚Äď it was easy for our staff to set up, intuitive for our constituents to engage with, and straightforward for our staff to collate and respond to the feedback we received.‚ÄĚ
Krista Egger
Project Manager, Enterprise Community Partners
Public Comment
"Konveio was a great way to track and receive comments from the public. This form of public comment submission should be the new status quo, providing clarity and transparency to all of the parties involved.

I would say somewhere between 40-60 hours were saved by using Konveio.‚ÄĚ
Gina P.
Architecture and Engineering Firm
Public Engagement
‚ÄúKonveio is an effective tool that allowed the community to touch and feel the proposed plans, allowing Council¬†to gather specific community feedback around key issues, functions, and design considerations.‚ÄĚ
Denise Francisco
Capire Associates
Workgroup facilitation
‚ÄúWe get less from live discussions than we do with Konveio. Konveio requires stakeholders to read through and then provide constructive comments rather than just knee-jerking at a meeting.‚ÄĚ
Carol Richardson
Principle, Plangineering LLC
Public Engagement
‚ÄúKonveio enabled us to find the sweet spot between not enough information and information overload.‚ÄĚ
Jonathan Whitehurst, AICP
Senior Planner @ Kimley-Horn
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