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Anatomy of Konveio's New AI Search and AI Assistant

July 19, 2021
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Konveio’s newest features provide yet another simple, intuitive, and approachable way to navigate, interact with, and learn from otherwise daunting planning documents. If you prefer to watch a video on this topic, scroll to the bottom of this article. 

What are Konveio's latest features? 

AI Search is powered by OpenAI's GPT. When asked a question it will scour through each page of a document to provide a personalized reading list of pages within the document that are relevant to their question. This is powerful in and of itself as it can make documents approachable that are otherwise daunting. Often times, hundreds of pages long.

AI Assistant takes AI Search one step further by returning a short and easy-to-read answer to the question assuming the document contains relevant information. 

It’s important to note that AI Assistant has virtually zero creative freedom when generating a written answer since its temperature setting in GPT is reduced to the most restrictive setting. Meaning, more often than not, the summary it provides is verbatim information found within the document itself to defuse the risk of generating convincing misinformation.

Similarities between AI Search and AI Assistant:

Both AI Search and AI Assistant strengthen Konveio’s Dynamic Documents and publishing theme. 

Unlike most public facing GPT-powered innovations (ChatGPT, BARD, etc.), Konveio's implementations will not incorporate insights from the wider web to its generate answers. Instead, our AI features draw upon information found within the given PDF document, exclusively.

AI Search and AI Assistant are both optional, and may be activated or deactivated on a document by document basis assuming your Konveio plan type includes AI features. (Advanced or Enterprise clients may now reach out to us and have AI features activated on their platform before the broader product release coming in early Q4.)

Insights and analytics are tracked to provide the administrative team insights into the the topics visitors are most interested in and the questions that they have. Whenever questions are asked, they are recorded as a list to review what was asked by whom (unique session ID) and what Konveio’s AI responded with. You may also click a link to open the full threaded conversation.

Ask Staff is a way for visitors to contact staff directly from the search window, however, when staff receives the message they will also be able to review the visitors interactions with AI Search/Assistant and get to speed on what they’ve learned so far. 

Copy link to chat history allows visitors to save the insights they received for later use, or share them with others. 

Loads by default, or not. The first experience your visitors have with a document sets the stage for how they perceive and interact with the material. Last year we launched summaries as a way to present a welcome message and drive traffic to areas of interest. However, you may select a checkbox to override any summary you’ve created to load AI search first. 

Current stage of development:

AI Assistant and AI Search are now available in Beta testing with plans of rolling out all of our our latest AI Features (including AI comment analysis features) to relevant plan types (Advanced and Enterprise) in early Q4.

We’re excited and proud of what we’ve developed and are ready to let it out into the world. But as with any innovation, there’s room for refinement and we plan to listen and work closely with our clients to guide our next steps with customizations and other tweaks behind the scenes.

If you’re an existing client, please reach out to us to start a conversation and we’ll do our best to activate AI features on your platform to begin experimenting (and implementing).

If you’re not an active client of ours, fear not! We want you to try our Dynamic Document and AI Features too. Simply apply for a free trial to get started. 

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