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February 2024

The following features are now available for early access upon request.

Internal team collaboration: Assign and resolve comments

Admins can now assign comments to other members of their organization. Once a comment has been reviewed then it can be marked resolved.


Comments can be assigned by admins directly from the document view using our interactive comment navigator. Comments can also be assigned in bulk from the administrators comments tab.


Contact us to learn more or try it for your team! 

Intelligent comment tag suggestions*

For your convenience, we've found a way to provide intelligent comment tag recommendations based on your document, using magic. Okay, it's not magic.


Facts: AI will review your document and then suggest tags. These tag recommendations can be included or excluded from your list of tags that AI can apply to all of your comments.


More information about Auto-Tagging can be found below in the Winter 2024 release notes. Contact us to learn more or try it for your team! 


* Note: To access Konveio's AI-powered innovations, you'll need qualifying plan level. To see if your plan type has access, log in and edit any document and then look for the "AI-Services" tab. If the AI-Services tab is not present but you would like to learn more about the features or upgrading your plan, please contact us.




Latest Release

Winter 2024

TL;DR - This release proves that the future of qualitative comment analysis is bright.

We’ve been working hard to balance the power of AI with the need to have manual control. The result? An efficient “hybrid” approach that equips you with the best of both worlds, fine tune controls and automation.

AI Powered Comment Summarizer *
helps you to organize long winded comments

In a perfect world, there would be the time to spend an entire day contemplating the meaning of each and every long comment or email. Needless to say, no organization can move that slowly.


Konveio's generative AI will now summarize long comments down to their main points automatically, so you can familiarize yourself with the data at a high level or remember what comments were about with a quick scan

AI Powered Auto-Tagging *

Tagging a few comments isn't bad, but reach a certain scale and it becomes a different story. Auto-tagging starts with your team identifying a range of tags you'd like to use and then AI will safely analyze your data and apply your comment tags from your list to comments when they're relevant. Learn more.

AI Powered Auto-Theming *

With tags applied, you can then visit the themes tab to generate and review cross cutting themes from comments that share the same tag. A great starting point for summarizing your consultation.

This can rapidly summarize the feedback you've received, topic by topic. Gain insights from massive datasets quickly and refine the analysis by exploring our controls, or exporting to Microsoft Word for further analysis.

Comments made with Discussions tool receive AI Auto-Tagging and Auto-Theming support *

Konveio is known for facilitating feedback in the form of comments made on documents themselves. But, we also offer a discussions tool to collect feedback on web pages or over documents as a content overlay.


This update makes our latest innovations with auto-tagging and auto-theming work with the feedback you've collected using discussions, in addition to commenting.

File Upload Field for comments

Available as an add-on to your plan, contact us for more information.


* Note: To access Konveio's AI-powered innovations, you'll need qualifying plan level. To see if your plan type has access, log in and edit any document and then look for the "AI-Services" tab. If the AI-Services tab is not present but you would like to learn more about the features or upgrading your plan, please contact us.




Fall 2023

AI Powered innovations
AI Enhanced Document Search: AI Search and AI Assistant *

Automatically provide answers, key points or insights from long planning documents with the help of Konveio's new AI Enhanced Search features, AI-Search and AI Assistant.

Click to learn more about AI Enhanced Document Search.‍

AI Enhanced Analytics * 

After years of experimentation with AI for comment analysis, large language models have unlocked the missing level of accuracy needed to release usable time-saving features for comment analysis workflows. Contact us to take an inside look or get early access.


AI Map Link for ArcGIS * ‍

Offers a "two-way street", allowing users to toggle between document-driven GIS views and GIS-driven document insights.

With the help of Konveio's latest AI, implementation is dead simple and the connections stay in place for visitors even when map layers or document versions change. Learn more.


Automatic image compression for Konveio's Document Summary feature

Images are a great way to make a summary share the same look and feel as your brand and help to give context to each chapter or section you call out. However, as with any other website, large images can create slow loading times. And these days, image files can be surprisingly large.


Adding an extra workflow step to resize and compress images for a summary isn't fun, so we've decided to do it for you! Although a small change, it ensures a good experience for your team and your online visitors too and we live for win-win's like that. Coming to all clients in our next release.


Note: To access Konveio's AI-powered innovations like the ones just released, you'll need qualifying plan level. To see if your plan type has access, log in and edit any document and then look for the "AI-Services" tab. If the AI-Services tab is not present but you would like to learn more about the features or upgrading your plan, please contact us.  



Summer 2023

Reader Friendly Innovations

The general theme of this release is to improve the reading and participation experience on mobile devices.


These changes simplify the user interface, makes commenting on documents easier, as well as addressing fundamental readability challenges that are inherent to the PDF format with Mobile Reflow which is in beta testing.

(Additionally, we've added native Google Analytics 4 support as Google will sunset Universal Analytics on July 1st.)

Refreshed Mobile Interface
  • Larger document viewer
  • Consolidated navigation menu
  • Truncated welcome message
  • Smooth comment form
Reader Friendly Mobile Experience (BETA)

With an accessible (tagged) PDF, Konveio will transform your well designed documents into reader friendly experiences like a Kindle or e-book. This allows readers to engage with your content in their native font size with the flick of a toggle switch, and even allows google translate to be applied. Images and tables are preserved.

Reach out to discuss how you can have this feature activated for your documents that are tagged for ADA Accessibility.

PDF Accessibility and Compliance
-> Remediation Services Available

If you have PDFs that are not tagged for accessibility tools like screen readers, reach out to learn how we can remediate your PDFs as a service.

Google Analytics 4 Support

We've made the migration to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) simple by equipping you to add your new ID to the settings of your Konveio platform. Don't delay, as Universal Analytics properties will stop collecting data on July 1st, 2023.

URL Redirect Interface

For our longstanding power users, we've made it easier to manage url changes at scale.


Reach out to our team to have this enabled for your platform.


"What's next?" We're so glad you asked! 🙃

We're incredibly excited about what's to come in our next release. Stay tuned to see how new GPT powered AI features will revolutionize the experience of long documents for staff and stakeholders forever, and make comment analysis unbelievably efficient at scale. Curious? Reach out and we'll give you a sneak peek.


Winter Release

December 2022

For most readers, navigating a static document that’s longer than about 10 pages is a daunting experience. With interactive summaries, we present a new way to curate your visitor’s experience with a welcoming message and an interactive navigational interface that drives traffic to the pages (or chapters) that deserve attention.


Adding a summary to your document will provide a radical improvement to the first impression visitors have, and enables readers to scan and dive deeper based on their interests because let’s face it, nobody reads documents front to back.


Be proud to share your materials by presenting a curated and interactive experience!

Create interactive summaries to help visitors explore your document on their own terms:

  • Full-width welcome section.
  • Summarize anything with half-width detail sections that can jump visitors to a particular page, bookmark, or chapter within your document.
  • Each sub-section can include formatted text and even embedded content like YouTube videos.
  • Full depth: Use your summary to link across multiple PDFs within the same “document.”

Jargon-filled, hard-to-understand documents can affect a community’s reputation for being citizen-friendly.


Our glossary feature allows you to automatically add help text popups over every instance of common jargon words or acronyms, adding clarity to your documents for the average visitor.

When visitors hover over an underlined word, a help-text definition will appear.


Adding one or even hundreds of definitions to your own document is now simple. Follow our two-column CSV template, add the words you’d like to be underlined in one column, add their definitions in the second column, and upload it to a field in your document’s settings. View full tutorial.


Ever wanted to have uniquely branded spaces to host projects for different plans, clients, or departments on your Konveio site? Reach out to learn more about adding our project header feature to your current plan.

Apply a branded project header with sub-navigation across multiple web pages or documents, and even hide the site’s header and navigation links as shown above.

This provides an excellent opportunity for cities to host different plans and projects, or for consulting firms to deliver a more premium experience to their clients.



🎉 Fresh look, new search bar, new tutorial videos, and revised articles 🎉



Browse and select icons visually, right within the editor!

It’s simple! When you go to create your next content overlay, you’ll be presented with an easier-to-use interface to select an engaging and accurate call to action icon.


Take a look at the new styles that you can apply to bulleted lists on Konveio web pages!


ezgif.com-gif-maker (83).gif
ezgif.com-gif-maker (82).gif

To apply these styles to your web pages, there is a new style dropdown above class selection.


Summer Release

Summer 2022

Dive into Konveio’s brand new comment navigator!  

  • More engagement, learning, and collaboration.
  • List view of all comments:
    - Sortable (Recent, Most Replied, Most Supported, Page By Page)
    - Advanced Filters (Keyword, Comment Type, Author Name)
  • Selecting a comment from the list will jump visitors to the area the comment was made.
  • The selected comment’s icon will now pulsate to draw attention to the context of the comment.

To help you stay up to date and in control of the conversation at a glance we’ve added the color-coded comment type categories into view along with cleaner administrative controls.


Slower internet connections lead to longer load times which could discourage participation. Now when a document loads, an animated icon will appear with words to keep their attention and remind them that this isn’t just another pdf.



Enjoy a wider range of new and interesting icons to present the value within your content overlays at a glance. Click the image below to explore thousands of great icons to use in your next project.



Take a look at the new styles that you can apply to bulleted lists on Konveio’s web pages!

ezgif.com-gif-maker (59).gif



Take a look at the new styles that you can apply to bulleted lists on Konveio’s web pages!

ezgif.com-gif-maker (59).gif



Long documents are inherently busy and challenging to navigate. We further simplified the experience of jumping between sections of a document by increasing the readability of our permanent table of contents menu.



Spring Release

View fullsize

With a quick trip to the report tab, you can now see how many visits your document has received. This is a great way to get a quick sense of how your project promotion activities are performing.

*Please note: Your document view count will not include any views that took place before your site received the update. It will be more insightful for consultations launched in the future.


We’ve made it easier to publish, unpublish, and tag comments in bulk to organize and theme entire consultations quickly. Simply check the boxes next to the comments you wish to change and use the dropdown menu in new bulk update box to make quick work of large amounts of comments.

View fullsize

A complimentary new feature (shown below) allows you to view more comments at once. Underneath the first page of comments, you’ll be able to choose to view 50, 100, 200, or ALL comments at a time. Viewing a larger sample of comments helps to spot trends, more effectively leverage your browser’s search function, and tag comments in larger batches.

Additional updates


Discussions have been a valuable part of Konveio’s website experience for years. Now you can add the same (or new) discussions from your web pages into documents as well.

Simply create a new content overlay (pin) and select discussions. If the feature is available to your plan level, you will find the discussions dropdown available at the bottom of the list of content types.

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 9.50.57 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 9.51.44 AM.png


New opportunities for facilitating conversation

Our clients often mention the benefits of residents being able to view and respond to comments made by other community members. However, there are scenarios where reducing bias and groupthink outweighs transparency and community.


‍That’s why we’ve added the option to restrict participants from seeing any comment that they didn’t write on any specific document.  

This means you can apply separate settings to different documents. And you are now able to facilitate a staged feedback collection process where people add feedback without bias or groupthink, and in a later round with the setting removed, you can encourage participants to view/respond to the comments made by other stakeholders.

Alternatively, admins may reply to comments privately while keeping every comment and reply hidden from public view.


“Hey did you hear what John Doe just wrote on page 33 about XYZ?”

Small icons have been added to comment windows and our page navigation menu that allow you to copy links which lead directly to a specific page or comment.


This can save time and drive engagement with staff members tracking changes, or the public since your social media outreach can now drive engagement to a particular page of a document.


Try it out for yourself! The following buttons will take you directly to a specific comment or a page.

Specific Comment

Specific Page



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