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Enhance documents to provide a rich and guided experience that meets your readers’ natural tendency to skim first and dive deeper where interested and empowered to learn more.

Konveio latest innovation, AI enhanced document search, uses Generative AI to unlock key points and insights from public information in seconds.
Interactive executive summary: Set the stage with a welcome message or instructions, and provide a brief summary with quick links to important chapters or areas of interest.
AI Enhanced Document Search: Unearth relevant plan information and answers questions for staff and stakeholders in seconds.
Embedded Media: Bring plans to life with interactive resources, like ArcGIS maps, Youtube & more, right where they belong in the learning journey.
Glossary: Add clarity to each page by defining jargon and acronyms automatically.
Apply for a 3 month trial to host 3 documents. Contact us with any questions or requests.
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