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Integrating Konveio's Document Engagement Features with ArcGIS Online: A Revolution in publishing GIS maps.

July 19, 2021
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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are an invaluable tool for urban planners, environmentalists, and public services. And they are often tied to an official planning document like a Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code or Trails Master Plan.

The most commonly recognized and used GIS platform is ESRI’s ArcGIS, which Konveio has integrated with its document experience for years by allowing ArcGIS maps to be opened directly over planning documents. 

When GIS maps are used to communicate plans with stakeholders or constituents, the lack of integration between maps and related documents has always been a point of confusion, if not frustration for everyone involved and leads to more phone calls, meetings, or emails than necessary. Until now.

Konveio's latest innovations in artificial intelligence have unlocked a seamless and intuitive experience for visitors to navigate between interactive maps and their corresponding PDF documents quickly. Here are the key benefits of this integration with ArcGIS online:

1. Unified Digital Experience:

With Konveio, the disconnect between GIS maps and their corresponding PDF documents is now bridged. 

Instead of searching in various locations online, users now have a consolidated interface, making data accessibility and interpretation much more streamlined - simply click on a parcel to load detailed information about the properties code.

2. Seamless Integration with ArcGIS Experience Builder:

Konveio's integration with ArcGIS online, specifically the ArcGIS experience builder, enables users to embed and link GIS maps directly to their corresponding documents. 

For example, a document detailing the street design guidelines by the city of Denver can be linked with a GIS map highlighting street type categories.

3. Attribute-driven Document Navigation:

As users explore a map, they may wonder about the guidelines for specific attributes, like "mixed-use streets". 

Through the integration, users can simply click on a button or link, automatically referencing that specific attribute, and be taken to the corresponding section of the document. This feature eliminates the need for tedious manual searches.

4. Incorporation of AI for Enhanced Engagement:

Jumping into the document doesn't lead to page one of a bland 500+ page PDF. 

Instead, users are greeted by Konveio's AI document assistant that provides a summary, highlighting key details. Furthermore, if the user wants more in-depth information, quick links navigate them to the relevant pages.

5. Two-Way Synchronization:

The integration is not just one-sided - it offers a "two-way street", allowing users to toggle between document-driven GIS views and GIS-driven document insights. 

For instance, from a document chapter detailing 'mixed-use streets', one can access a GIS map filtered to showcase only those streets in Denver that fit the category.


6. User-Friendly Navigation:

With Konveio, users don't need to scroll through the entire document. 

The integration serves relevant information on the spot, either as a summarized format using Konveio's AI summaries or a quick link for a deeper dive.

7. Simple to launch with hassle-free updates and maintenance:

With the help of Konveio's latest AI, implementation is dead simple and the connections stay in place for visitors even when map layers or document versions change.

Connecting maps and documents with AI Search doesn't rely on hard-coded links, so no additional effort is required when updates are made. 

Nobody enjoys tedious data maintenance work, and we would know. We’ve been hired on projects to manually link and then maintain the links between maps and their corresponding documents for years. It’s hard enough to budget the time and money to do the work once. But versions change all of the time, making maintenance a real pain point. And that’s why we’re so excited by the potential this solution will have. 

Mapping the Future: Konveio's Integration Takes ArcGIS Online to New Heights

The integration of Konveio's document engagement features with ArcGIS online maps heralds a new era for GIS applications. This integration fosters a more connected, intuitive, and efficient user experience, empowering professionals to harness the full potential of their GIS data and associated documents. 

‚ÄćExplore our demo at: https://showcase.konveio.com/complete-streets-gis-demo¬†

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