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Reviewing Konveio's six latest innovations for publishing local government plans

July 19, 2021
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Over the last 12 months, Konveio has released six innovations that make a visitor's experience with your plan approachable, easy to navigate, engaging, and more insightful than ever thought possible. Some are powered by the latest in AI, while others alter the fundamental experience one has with PDF documents on desktop or mobile phones.

This article serves to highlight each of the 6 innovations, visually and with a short explanation. Every one of these innovations aids in the presentation of final plans, while also increasing the quality of engagement for draft review and public comment periods.

During our next Office Hours on Thursday, November 2nd at 4 PM EST, we'll  recap each innovation, explore when to use which, and how you can use them in combination with one another. Register here.

Interactive Document Summary

Summarize your documents! With a summary, you can curate your visitor’s experience with a welcoming message and an interactive navigational interface that drives traffic to the pages (or chapters) that deserve attention.

Adding a summary to your document will provide a radical improvement to the first impression visitors have, and enables readers to scan and dive deeper based on their interests because let’s face it, nobody reads documents front to back.

The use cases are endless! 

  • Present instructions on how to engage
  • Present background information and recorded meetings
  • Share upcoming events or detail your project timeline
  • Link multiple documents together
  • Present a language switching interface

Learn More.


Jargon-filled, hard-to-understand documents can affect a community’s reputation for being citizen-friendly.

Our glossary feature allows you to automatically add help text popups over every instance of common jargon words or acronyms, adding clarity to your documents for the average visitor.

When visitors hover over an underlined word, a help-text definition will appear.

Learn More.

AI-Search & AI-Assistant

Konveio's latest features, AI-Search and AI-Assistant, use Generative AI to unlock key points and insights from your plans & documents in seconds.

Konveio's AI Search makes even the most daunting of documents manageable by allowing visitors to ask questions and receive a personal reading list of pages relevant to their query.

Konveio's AI Document Assistant takes AI-Search one step further by generating short responses to questions, similar to other popular platforms like BARD, Perplexity, PI.AI or ChatGPT. However, Konveio's AI Assistant will only source answers by referencing information within a specific PDF file.

Learn More.

AI-MapLink for ArcGIS

With Konveio, the disconnect between GIS maps and their corresponding PDF documents is now bridged. Konveio's integration with ArcGIS online, specifically the ArcGIS experience builder, enables users to embed and link GIS maps directly to their corresponding documents.

The integration is not just one-sided - it offers a "two-way street", allowing users to toggle between document-driven GIS views and GIS-driven document insights.

Best of all, implementation is dead simple and the connections stay in place for visitors even when map layers or document versions change.

Learn More.

Mobile reflow / AKA Reader Friendly Mobile Experiences

Konveio will transform your well designed documents into reader friendly experiences like a Kindle or e-book. This allows readers to engage with your content in their native font size with the flick of a toggle switch, and even allows google translate to be applied. Images and tables are preserved. Contact us to learn how you can have this feature activated for your documents that are tagged for ADA Accessibility.

Want to learn more? 

Register for Office Hours on Thursday, November 2nd at 4 PM EST! Bring anyone on your team who you'd like to bring up to speed, and come with any questions you may have as there will be time dedicated as an AMA (to ask me anything at all). By the end, I hope that you leave with a few additional use cases for Konveio in mind.

See you there!

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