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How to facilitate stakeholder engagement before public commenting and draft reviews

July 19, 2021
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Since Konveio opened its doors four years ago, we’ve supported several hundreds of plans and projects across various points across their lifecycles. Ultimately being recognized as a top 100 GovTech firm by GovTech Magazine at the start of this year. 

Before facilitating hybrid workshops or draft reviews, a lesser known use of Konveio is for private internal and external stakeholder engagement. 

Konveio is for a variety of common stakeholder scenarios, including: 

  • Private draft reviews before public launch.
  • Consultants reviewing work with clients. 
  • City council members reviewing a plan on Konveio before adoption. 
  • Sharing meeting notes for a wider audience to review directly in the context of the plan. 

Additional benefits of using Konveio: 

  • Makes live meetings more efficient. As an example, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization used Konveio to finalize some agenda items ahead of time, leaving the more difficult issues for the live meeting. It's also easy to facilitate productive meetings by reviewing the feedback already written on Konveio, as necessary.
  • Simplifies version management. Eliminates the sharing of new document links or attachments via email. Users can either add a new document and title the old one as an archive, or replace it all together. 
  • Eliminates time spent combining feedback from email threads or separately annotated PDF files into a spreadsheet.
  • Allows the ability to assign specific comments for other team members to review, incorporate, or respond to and then mark them as “resolved.”
  • Ability to have threaded conversations, with several shorter comments written in the context of the materials. This adds a social element and makes feedback approachable. 
  • Results in more engagement with the actual materials than in-person activities. (This saves time because people can review and comment on their own time where they have more reasons to read the plan before sharing their bias or preconceptions.)
  • Provides a neutral ground of a platform that is easy to use for everyone. Sometimes organizations use Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, or Adobe. Konveio’s platform is intuitive to use for stakeholders (no instruction needed!) and in addition, no user can accidentally make destructive edits to the underlying document. 

Settings to consider on Konveio for engaging stakeholder groups: 

  • Limit public discoverability. Hide the document from being discovered on the homepage and/or limit commenting to registered users of your platform or only those authorized. 
  • Customized comment categories. The option to add custom comment-type categories for stakeholders to self-categorize their comments for easier review and reporting.  
  • Use your own private workspaces. Set the document to be viewable only when embedded, allowing teams to use their own workspaces with privacy and visibility options.
  • Share every attachment and resource with one link. String multiple documents together as one experience, sharing the same link and password rather than several attachments and updated versions thereafter.
  • Prevent bias or groupthink. Set comments to “hidden” for stakeholders, allowing them to submit their comments without being influenced by others’ comments.

Trusted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Palm and coconut oil standards projects (through Ingenious Peoples Knowledge), the Project Management Institute (PMI), and many more.

If you're interested in using Konveio for more stakeholder engagement processes, please reach out to a member of our team to discuss the best ways to implement this for your next project.

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🎉 Konveio recognized in the prestigious 2024 GovTech 100 list!