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Partner Ecosystem

Konveio has been paired with other tools, platforms, and websites for years. Now we’re strengthening our relationships with leading platforms to provide a more seamless document engagement experience with PDF materials.
Premier Partners
Explore our close partnerships with community engagement platforms including Granicus’ EngagementHQ, CitizenLab, and PublicInput.

Industry Partners
We play well with others in the community engagement and gov tech space. Take a look at the additional companies we are working with.

Browse some of the exciting and interactive content that can be embedded into your Konveio documents and web pages.

Premier Partnerships

Konveio has relationships with many global leaders in community engagement software. Users of EngagementHQ, CitizenLab and PublicInput are able to deliver seamless content engagement experiences to their community and enjoy other benefits like username integration and soon connected reporting options.
An all-in-one digital community engagement platform that helps you balance everything your community needs to be engaged.

CitizenLab’s centralized community engagement platform makes it easy for governments to engage their residents, analyze input, and make more informed and data-driven decisions.
PublicInput brings together online, in-person, and virtual engagement into one secure platform with best-in-class data analytics, mapping, and targeted outreach tools.

🎉 Coming Soon: ESRI

Stay tuned or reach out to learn more about our latest partnership with ESRI!
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Industry Partnerships

Aside from formal product integrations, we’re excited to share that we work well in other popular community engagement platforms like MIG’s virtual open houses, Balancing Act for budgeting, Polco fur surveys, and more coming soon.
With Zencity, government and law enforcement leaders make informed, transparent, and effective decisions that earn the trust of the communities they serve.
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MIG’s Virtual Open House was named one of Planetizen's 2021 Top Websites for Urban Planning for its inventive and inclusive engagement.
MIG Virtual Open House
Balancing Act is an easy-to-use online simulation that engages stakeholders to help leaders make tough choices from housing to budgeting.
Visit Balancing Act
Polco brings the voice of everyday residents to local government leaders with award-winning community engagement services, online polls, industry-leading survey research, and performance data analytics.
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Indigov helps your team triage and respond to mass email automatically, so you don't miss the messages that matter. Constituents don't always know who to ask for help. Your team can connect them to the people and services they need, and track each case until it is closed.
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Redefining local government meeting management through agile functionality, vendor interconnectivity, and modern design.
Visit CDS AgendaLink
inCitu turns planning and development data into real scale augmented reality experiences, accessible on-site or remote via simply mobile phones, to foster effective collaboration around the process of urban change.
Visit Incitu
Consider.it creates civil, organized, and focused online dialogue by visually summarizing what your community thinks and why.
Visit Considerit
The future fox is a female-founded, UK-owned Public Purpose Technology startup, and are proud to have worked on some of the most ambitious and innovative digital engagement projects in our sector.
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More Coming Soon...

Content Integrations

Aside from formal product integrations, we’re excited to share that we work well in other popular community engagement platforms like MIG’s virtual open houses, Balancing Act for budgeting, Polco fur surveys, and more coming soon.
Not only can Konveio be embedded into other platforms, additional interactive content can be added directly onto your documents for a seamless learning experience.

Including YouTube, ArcGIS, and anything else that supports an embed code*

You may add an infinite amount of additional resources via content overlay’s to your document and everything will be available to your visitors even if Konveio has been embedded to another platform.
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* We have no affiliation with nor endorsement from Google or the other brands listed as content integrations.
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