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Konveio Announces Partnership with Citizenlab

July 19, 2021
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We’re excited to start the year strong by announcing our latest industry partnership with CitizenLab, a comprehensive digital community engagement platform. The partnership enables the seamless integration of Konveio's document engagement experience onto CitizenLab platforms so that local governments can display interactive PDFs and capture feedback directly on their digital community engagement projects.

Although great for communications and engagement professionals, this embedding option is ideal for planners, who often request feedback on draft plans with complex maps and hard-to-visualize designs, from comprehensive plans to climate action plans.

Wietse Van Ransbeeck, CitizenLab’s CEO and co-founder, stated “We’re excited to expand CitizenLab’s toolbox with a method of engagement that has always been in great demand with our clients. Konveio simply offers the best-in-class solution when it comes to document annotation for governments. We are eager to see how this will bolster our clients’ planning projects.”

CitizenLab’s platform is used worldwide by over 400 governments and organizations to make public decision-making more inclusive, participatory, and responsive. The platform serves governments as a one-stop-shop for online surveys, ideation, participatory budgeting, mapping, and information sharing.

“Integrating Konveio with CitizenLab creates a seamless user experience that supports community engagement through the full planning lifecycle by including an elegant way of presenting and capturing feedback on official city documents. CitizenLab is a leader in the digital engagement space, and we’re excited to incorporate document engagement into a more holistic methodology for local governments’ civic projects,” said Chris Haller, CEO of Konveio.

The two companies cemented the partnership with the help of local government innovation hub, CivStart. Anthony Jamison, CEO of CivStart, added, "Bringing complementary solutions together for more comprehensive service to local government residents is one of the key ways we hope to use our Accelerator program to better the entire GovTech ecosystem."

CitizenLab and Konveio share a commitment to meaningful community engagement that elevates residents’ voices and influences government decisions. To learn more about the possibilities this new partnership unlocks, join the two companies for a launch webinar on January 26th, 10AM PT // 1PT ET.

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About CitizenLab

CitizenLab is a comprehensive, digital community engagement platform that helps local governments get buy-in and make more informed decisions. With CitizenLab, governments can push out information and collect resident feedback via online surveys, idea collection, participatory budgeting, and mapping tools - all in one place. The platform’s admin tools make analysis easy, so local governments can understand what their residents want and incorporate their feedback into their decisions. CitizenLab works with 400+ governments worldwide, including Seattle, WA; Lancaster, PA; and dozens of US cities, counties, and towns in between.

About Konveio

Konveio is a document engagement platform for local governments that is redefining what can be achieved with PDF documents. Konveio gets everyone on the same page by making documents more citizen-friendly, simplifying the commenting process for residents during draft reviews and virtual workshops, and making comment management a breeze for city staff. Konveio was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2020, and each year well over 100 local governments host their plans on Konveio to better inform and engage more members of their community through an interactive yet easy-to-use experience.

Media contact:
Chris Haller, CEO of Konveio
(877) 405-9142


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