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Make PDFs Truly Interactive and Engaging with Konveio

July 19, 2021
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PDFs are one of the most commonly used file types for sharing documents whether internally with our colleagues, or externally with stakeholders. While there are numerous programs to help with creating attractive layouts, there are limited options for making PDFs truly interactive and engaging for your audience. Interactive content such as videos, zoomable maps, and navigation buttons are key to engaging readers online, but these kinds of features are either limited or not possible to include in standalone PDFs. Additionally, most mobile apps for reading PDFs do not support interactive features. On the flipside, while it might be ideal to create a fully interactive website dedicated to your work, there may be limited budget, time, or staff resources to do so.

Konveio provides a solution that not only makes your existing PDF documents more engaging and truly interactive, but the platform is also fully supported on mobile devices. While you do also have the option to create a project website, it is not necessary. The Konveio platform can be embedded into your existing website, eliminating the need to install or learn new software.

Konveio offers the following features to enhance standalone PDFs:


Guided Tours. Draw the reader’s attention to important parts of your plan or document by adding a Guided Tour.

Audubon Park.png

Buttons. Navigation buttons can quickly take the reader to different pages, bookmarks, or even search terms within the document. Adding call to action buttons can encourage the reader to leave a comment or make a pledge, for example. You can also add social media buttons to have readers engage more with your project or organization on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts.

Hyperlinks. Include hyperlinks within the table of contents to easily navigate within the document, or include hyperlinks anywhere throughout the document to take the reader to other websites.


Zoomable Maps. Embedding zoomable maps and Google Street Views into your PDF can add a level of understanding that a simple document can’t. For example, including your jurisdiction’s zoning map right with the zoning code is much better than the usual approach of having to navigate to a different part of the city website. If your report references an ArcGIS map, you can embed the map directly in your report rather than redirecting the reader elsewhere.

Zoning Map.png

Interpretive Pop-Ups. Add pop-ups anywhere in your PDF that include descriptive text or illustrative images to give the reader additional information and context.  

Video and Animation. Make your PDF come alive by adding animation, such as animated GIFs, or embedding videos directly into the document.


Commenting. Konveio enables users to make comments directly within the PDF, which is a great way to collect relevant, context-specific feedback. Typically, comment boxes are separated from the PDF, resulting in feedback without context. Directly embedded feedback also serves as a simple way for users to provide general comments without having to navigate to a different section.  


Allow users to see and respond directly to each others’ comments, support comments via upvotes, and for the author to respond to questions and comments, resulting in a two-way dialogue.  This approach also significantly reduces the time it takes to manage and facilitate feedback as it is much more efficient than trying to consolidate comments received via  phone calls, emails, or letters.

Konveio eliminates the hassle of managing or merging multiple versions of a PDF. All reviewers/commenters use the same link to the same PDF.

Forms. Include fillable forms such as contact information, newsletter signups, and surveys right within the PDF.


Fast Downloads. Large PDFs can be slow to download and leave time-crunched users frustrated. Konveio makes the entire PDF instantly viewable with virtually no download time.

Quantitatively Measure Engagement. Konveio makes it easy to quantitatively measure engagement with your PDF by keeping track of how many people viewed the PDF and how much time was spent on it.

Contact us today to learn how Konveio can make your job easier and projects run more smoothly.


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