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Needing to create a redevelopment plan for a defunct shopping mall site in Cupertino, California, the City turned to the community through a Charrette process to identify a preferred design.


Because of its location and a shortage of affordable housing, the project was of immense interest to local community members. To accommodate everyone, the City needed a way to collect and organize large numbers of comments on plan options generated during each step of the Charrette on the web, rather than just in-person. The City needed to present an online tool that conveyed their commitment to collaboration, while staying true to the Charrette process.


Konveio helped Cupertino in multiple ways:

  • Results from each Charrette step were posted online immediately afterwards, so readers could comment directly on the drawings, sketches or summary documents - wherever they choose.
  • Comments on specific aspects of each option, in the context of the visuals produced in-person made the feedback more informed and higher quality.
  • Readers were able respond to other comments, creating threads of dialogue within the community.
  • Key Feature: Simple comment management system allowed for quick and easy moderation and analysis to inform upcoming sessions.


Wanting to provide a transparent platform for input on a high-profile project, the City of Cupertino used Konveio to ensure open collaboration on the best path forward.

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