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Note: Konveio has continued to evolve since this video was produced. Schedule a Demo to learn more about what Konveio can offer to your organization in 2023.
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Konveio has relationships with many global leaders in community engagement software. Users of EngagementHQ, CitizenLab and PublicInput are able to deliver seamless content engagement experiences to their community and enjoy other benefits like username integration and soon connected reporting options.
"Konveio requires workgroup members to read through and provide actually constructive comments rather than just knee-jerking at a meeting."
— Carol R., Plangineering LLC
“The greatest advantage of Konveio has been for commenters. We have seen more citizen uptake because it is such an easy platform to use.”
— Jessica M., Website Manager at the Open Government Partnership
“This form of public comment submission should be the new status quo, providing clarity and transparency to all of the parties involved.”
— Gina P., Lower Los Angelos River Revitalization plan
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